Thursday, May 15, 2014

La musica de Emily

Most songs I can't listen to for more than a minute because I get bored. Here is a list (in no particular order) of songs that have never gotten old to me. 

1. Iris- Goo Goo dolls
2. On top of the world- Imagine Dragons
3.Drops of Jupiter- Train
4.Hero- Enrique Iglesias
5. Barefoot blue jean night- Jake Owen
6. Cop car- Keith Urban
7. Pompeii-Bastille
8.We can't stop- Miley Cyrus
9.Worn-Tenth Avenue North
11.Best song ever- one direction
12.I see love- Passenger
13. Fighter- Gym class hero
14. Beneath your beautiful-Labrinth
15. I don't dance- Lee Brice
16. Beneath your beautiful- Labrinth
17. Headphones-Britt Nicole
18. How to love- Lil Wayne 

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I'm the type of girl that people will just look at me and know I play some sort of sport and probably well. I'm also the type of girl that has larger arm muscles than a majority of the freshman, sophomore, and junior boys and they all make sure I know it.  I can't help it. My family has really good genes..........for boys.

One night at youth group, God spoke to me through my youth pastor, Tim. I'm honestly not quite sure what exactly Tim was talking about but I remember him saying, "God made everyone different. He made some people tall, some short. Some people musical and others athletic. He made some people Weak, and others strong. He made each of us different to fulfill our purpose."

After I heard him speak those words, I put my manly hands on my muscular right bicep. I was quickly reminded of how my muscular figure sometimes makes me insecure. But, instead of hearing, Emily, you're not beautiful. I heard, He made you different to fulfill His purpose.

Anyone who knows me probably knows I really, really love basketball.  I'm convinced that there are few girls/guys in this world that love it as much as me. I Have dreams and goals about basketball and my future and I often wonder if God doesn't want me to peruse them.  For some reason, I thought that God wants me to be completely miserable in order to serve and glorify Him. Through my youth pastors voice, God motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams and glorify him along the way.

So, for now, I'm pursuing my dreams at an intense rate.  Thanking God for blessings and asking Him to guide my steps.

Sometimes I fall over when I'm shooting.

Sometimes the newspaper catches precious moments.

Sometimes I end op on the same AAU team as the girl in the white jersey behind me.

Sometimes I bruise my knees and it makes me proud.

Sometimes I plow girls over and get called for the foul.

Sometimes I do a basketball photo shoot....and look like a freak.
Sometimes Charcey and I go for the group hug.

Sometimes my hair sticks straight up.

Sometimes I do crazy things just to steal the ball.

Sometimes I jump really high.

Sometimes I make weird faces.

Sometimes, most of the times, actually all of the times, I really love my teammates.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


            I struggle. I struggle a lot. I struggle with big things and little things. I struggle.  I struggle a lot.
Recently I have really been struggling with what defines me.  I have valued success, popularity, status, appearance and so much more. I have become deaf to God's voice and I have forgotten what it sounds like when He says, "you're enough. You always have been." Because I have been caught up in worldly things, God decided to talk to me through a secular song, just because He loves me that much.

            I was just sitting there, enjoying pasta and salad with my favorite group of girls-my basketball team.  I was laughing, and having a great time.  We were having a team meal before our first state basketball game and it was kind of a big deal. We were playing the team that had won the state championships three years in a row and were the favorites to win the game against us.  Because I start and normally play the majority of the game, I had been feeling pressure and butterflies in my stomach for a good couple of days.  While I was laughing and enjoying the bonding time with my teammates, I would occasionally remind my self of the game, get nervous, and feel sick.   I was nervous for all the wrong reasons. I was nervous that if I didn't play very well people would like me less or I would like my self less. Then it happened. God spoke.  While I was enjoying time with my friends and subconsciously worrying about myself, Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years came on the radio. My mind didn't even register with the song until she sang the line, Darling don't be afraid I have loved you For a thousand years.  And that is when I knew it was God.  I heard His voice clear. He was saying to me, "Emily, Don't be afraid. I love you. Nothing else matters." That's all it took.

           I still was nervous but not for the reasons I was before. I felt peace and comfort in the fact that how good of a basketball player I am, doesn't define me.  HALLELUJAH! I am not defined by materialistic things.

Just to let everyone know, we won the game. It was an Upset and it was fun. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Brother

If for some reason, I won a million dollars, I would tell my brother first.
If I received two plane tickets for anywhere in the world, I would want my brother to travel to Spain with me. Why? Because we always have fun together and he is big and strong so I know he would protect me.  
If my car was to break down, I'd call my brother first.
If my biggest dream came true, It would be my brothers arms I would jump into and we would laugh.
If I accidentally set our house on fire, I know my brother would put it out. 
If I could smash a pie in someone's face, I would smash pie in my brothers.
If I had to be trapped on an island with one person, I would chose my brother. I know somehow, together, we would survive and probably have fun along the way.  

I just really love my brother.

Recently, I've realized, I'm growing up, and my brother is too.  My brother is in college and I don't see him as much as I'd like.  It's weird to think that someday we wont see each other as much as we do now.  I really love my brother. 

 And right now,  I'm just trying to understand why I have to share him with the world.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


1.The Great and Mighty God Of The Universe lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders and I feel so free I can fly and laugh and run and jump and sing and scream and enjoy this bipolar Iowa weather. HE IS SO POWERFUL! I DON"T EVER WANT TO FORGET THAT!

2. Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin, Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in? WELL DO YA?!
I don't. Not right now.

3. I want to be some sort of writer when I "grow up" and through my creative writing class at school, God has been showing me that a career in English/creative writing is actually realistic... I'M PUMPED!

4. Recently I was being interviewed after a basketball game and whenever I'm being interviewed I try to use big words (It's kinda a game I play with myself because I want to sound smart.) and I was thinking ahead, while talking and there was this word I wanted to use but I honestly didn't know what it meant completely but I basically said yolo and went for it. It was cool. I felt brave.

5. One of the rules I live by is HAVE YOUR TOES PAINTED AT ALL TIMES! (because toes are kinda ugly otherwise) Anyway, I painted my toes bright red and because of that, I am getting super excited for summer! Like, who's with me?

6. High school basketball has been over for 5 days and AAU starts tomorrow. I'm  looking forward to this opportunity God has given me. It's going to be a crazy fun/busy summer.♥

7.  Yesterday it was a beautiful 61 decrees and my friend Sarah and I decided to work on our soccer skills (because the season is approaching quickly) We ended up working on soccer for maybe ten minutes and the other hour and a half we spent putting our feet in the mud and feeling it squish through our toes.  We also cheered on the boys track practice and threw a few snowballs at them too. We had a blast.

8. There once was a smart fish of blue,
His friends told him he looked like poo.
But he was so kind,
True love he would find.
A pretty fish he would soon woo.  #limericks #lyfe #ILOVECREATIVEWRITING #yeah #love

9. Spring break is almost here. SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST HERE!

10. I had an A In advanced biology for this whole semester and I have no clue how that has happened.
I is smart, I is Kind, I is good at Advanced Biology.:)

11. My heart longs for the ocean. I'm convinced I have saltwater in my veins. Maybe I'm a mermaid or maybe because I was born in the water, if I'm away from the sea, my heart aches.  Thoughts I shall ponder.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Time is flying away.

For the first time
I’ve realized
The days are
       Flying      by
Soon I will be off on my own
Life will be so
Will life ever be this beautiful again?
Can someone tell me where to find Peter pan
I want him to fly me to never land
I don’t  want to grow up.
I’m not ready

Will life ever be this beautiful again?